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Sage - Unisex Barefoot Sneakers

Sage - Unisex Barefoot Sneakers

  • Relieves pressure on feet and joints
  • Recommended by orthopedists
  • Free delivery
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Color: Black Black
Shoe size: 36
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Compression Socks - 3 PAIRS
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Extra Pair Orthotic Insoles
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  • 30-Day Wear Test
  • Free Shipping & Returns*
  • Free Premium Orthotic Insoles
  • Money Back Guarantee


Experience ultimate comfort with our breathable barefoot shoes. Designed for natural foot movement and healthy alignment, they offer excellent support and flexibility for all-day wear.

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Breathable Material: Let your feet breathe and relieve joints, reducing irritation and discomfort associated with conditions like neuropathy and arthritis.

Natural Gait: Promotes a natural walking style, strengthens muscles in feet and legs, and prevents body aches. Ideal for plantar fasciitis sufferers by reducing foot aches and promoting healing.

Stimulate Blood Circulation: Direct ground contact enhances blood circulation in feet and legs, contributing to overall healthier circulation and managing neuropathy symptoms.

Wide Toe Box: Allows toes to move and spread freely, promoting foot strength and flexibility.

Multi-Functional: Lightweight and breathable, ideal for daily wear, providing comfort and support for various foot health conditions.

Covered by 30-Day Comfort Guarantee

Specifications & care

Fit: True to size

Closure Type: Elastic band

Product Care: Wipe away dirt with dry brush or cloth. Clean using a damp cloth with a little soap. Air dry. Do not machine wash.

What's in the Box

  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 pair of orthopedic insoles

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Innovative Pain Relief Technology

  • Hands free - no bending, no tying. Just step in & go. Ideal for back pain & mobility issues.  
  • Water repellent stretch fabric - conforms to your foot shape for a pressure free fit. 
  • Soft, seam free interior - prevents irritation & protects sensitive feet. 
  • Wide toebox - offers plenty of space for bunions, hammertoes, & swollen feet. 
  • Orthotic Insole - cushions & supports foot. 
  • Ergonomic Sole - improves the ease of walking.  
  • Extra depth - promotes a relaxed fit & accommodates custom orthotics.  
  • Slip resistant sole - provides excellent traction & stability on wet surfaces. 

Recommended by Orthopedists

Our barefoot shoes, endorsed by orthopedists, are designed to promote foot health and alleviate common foot issues. They are highly recommended for those seeking relief from conditions like:

✔️ Plantar fasciitis
✔️ Neuropathy
✔️ Bunions

Premium Orthopedic Insoles Included with Every Shoe

Experience unmatched comfort and support with our meticulously crafted footwear, featuring high-quality orthopedic insoles in every pair. Designed to enhance foot stability and alleviate pressure, these insoles provide additional cushioning and arch support.


Orthopedic shoes offer essential support and comfort for conditions like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, bunions, and diabetic foot issues. Bylenka shoes are crafted to be comfortable and supportive, featuring premium orthotic insoles for arch support and cushioning. Our wide toe box prevents irritation, and the soft interior materials help eliminate pressure points, ensuring all-day comfort.
Bylenka shoes have arch support to align the foot and multi-cushioned soles to absorb impact. This helps alleviate fascia pain and pressure points at the heel. Our shoes enhance comfort and relieve heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.
Bylenka shoes have non-binding uppers, padded interiors, and a roomy fit to prevent irritation to sensitive feet. Combined with our comfortable, ergonomic cushioning, this helps alleviate pain from diabetic feet and neuropathy.
The best bunion shoes have wide toe boxes, flexible uppers, and padded interiors to reduce friction. Bylenka features a roomy toe box, extensive width options, and orthotic support that aligns the big toe, helping relieve bunion pain.
The best shoes for flat feet have arch support, cushioning, and stability. Bylenka shoes are engineered with those features to prevent overpronation and improve alignment for flat feet.
Our advanced cushioning, built-in arch support, and ergonomic sole absorbs impact and stabilizes foot and knee alignment. Combined with a mild rocker sole, Bylenka shoes disperse shock from heel to toe to help reduce knee pain.
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